Bo is now Cancer Free! 


In March of 2018, our nephew Bo Wade, Caleb's cousin was diagnosed with a rare Bone Cancer called Ewing Sarcoma. Approximately 300 cases in the United States per year, so... Rare Diseases have become way too common in our family! 

Last October, Bo started complaining of "leg pain" but from October - December his only complaints were at night and were quickly resolved, he would resume normal activity and life would go on. Complaints began coming more frequently in March. On Thursday, March 8th, Bo came in from school recess with tears and had his first "daytime" complaint. Our Brother in law is a strength coach for the Tampa Bay Bucs so they skipped the pediatrician's office and went straight to the Buccaneers Team Doctor for examination. An MRI and biopsy followed confirming every parent’s worst nightmare. This sweet, beautiful, 9-year-old boy has cancer. Ewing Sarcoma – stage 3. The only stages of Ewing Sarcoma are Stage 3 and Stage 4. Stage 3 meaning the cancer is localized and survival/success rates are in our favor, ranging from 70-90%.

Bo and his family completed the fight of their life. Chemo for 3 months, Localized Treatment for 1 month (either surgery or radiation), followed by Chemotherapy for another 4-5 months. All Chemotherapy sessions were Inpatient, meaning he stayed in the hospital for 3 -5 days depending on the blend. 3-week cycles, meaning 1 week on, 1 week off, 1 week on. The 2 blends are VDC and IE. On his off weeks, he had labs done, and outpatient care. Hell on earth.

Bo Strong is an understatement. Not only is Bo Strong, he remains positive and an inspiration to all who know him. Today we are happy to say that Bo is cancer free! We thank you for your prayers for Bo, strength for Chad, Amber, Willie and Jet.


#BoStrong #Bonebrothers